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Create a Safe workspace

Hotels, schools, public buildings, offices, leisure, and fleet cabs  will all benefit from a Covid -19 hygiene clean. For business owners and facilities managers of public buildings, performing a Covid-19 hygiene clean makes both human and commercial sense, ensuring you can provide a clean, safe environment for employees and property users.

Corona Virus cleaning is in high-demand, as it is imperative for all that business can return to operation quickly, when able. Don’t get held up in the rush to make your property safe by leaving this critical clean until the last minute. Connect us so we can take care of your Covid-19 hygiene clean needs, so you can focus on your business objectives and ensure a smooth return to operations.

Fogging with Anti Viral

What we know, is that this virus can last for up to 96 hours on any surface at room temperature if not disinfected effectively. Fogging is known to be the most effective way to ensure entire areas are well disinfected making sure the virus cannot survive on surfaces and hence infect a new person after contact. Best possible practice is clearly to destroy this virus whenever and where ever you can.

Wash your hands regularly

It is a very good idea to wash your hands regularly with a suitable product. It is also a good idea to clean your offices, paying particular attention to the high touch areas like seat backs, light switches, shared conference rooms, kitchens and toilets. This why you have seen cleaning and disinfecting initiatives like ours starting all over the world.

We are a vibrant local cleaning company based in Thetford and can offer industrial and commercial cleaning services to businesses in and around the Suffolk and Norfolk area.